This event is triggered when a Pull encounters an error while running.

Read the type value from the webhook request body.

  • If PROVIDER_ERROR: An error occurred on the carrier's end which prevents the pull from completing. The pull will likely not be completed and the consumer should wait and try to resubmit later.
  • If INTERNAL_ERROR: An error occurred on our our end which prevents the pull from completing. We have been notified of the issue and the pull MAY receive future webhooks (including COMPLETED when we resolve the issue.)

Webhook Request Format

The webhook is a POST request with a JSON body that will look like the following:

  "widget_id": "<WIDGET_ID>",
  "team_id": "<TEAM_ID>",
  "pull_id": "<PULL_ID>",
  "status": "PROVIDER_ERROR",
  "meta_data": {... developer-supplied JSON-serializable metadata ...},
  "event_type": "ERROR",
  "account_identifier": "<ACCOUNT_IDENTIFIER>",
  "is_monitored": true,
  "monitoring": { // Only exists if is_monitored=true
    "initial_pull_id": "<PULL_ID>", // The ID of the original Pull being monitored
    "monitoring_id": "<MONITORING_ID>" // The ID of the Monitoring
  "data": { 
    "type": "PROVIDER_ERROR",
Data keyData description
typeThe type of error the Pull encountered. Possible values: PROVIDER_ERROR, INTERNAL_ERROR