This event occurs once per Pull, once all information (including documents) is available.

Webhook Request Format

The webhook is a POST request with a JSON body that will look like the following:

  "widget_id": "<WIDGET_ID>",
  "team_id": "<TEAM_ID>",
  "pull_id": "<PULL_ID>",
  "status": "SUCCESS",
  "meta_data": {... developer-supplied JSON-serializable metadata ...},
  "event_type": "COMPLETE",
  "account_identifier": "<ACCOUNT_IDENTIFIER>",
  "is_monitored": true,
  "monitoring": { // Only exists if is_monitored=true
    "initial_pull_id": "<PULL_ID>", // The ID of the original Pull being monitored
    "monitoring_id": "<MONITORING_ID>" // The ID of the Monitoring
  "data": {}