Register a webhook with Canopy Connect to receive notifications of data pulls completing. Use the returned pull_id to make requests to the API endpoints to retrieve the information for a data pull.

Register a POST endpoint on your Canopy Connect dashboard to receive notifications of data pulls completing. The request body will be JSON of the form:

  "widget_id": "<WIDGET_ID>",
  "pull_id": "<PULL_ID>",
  "status": "SUCCESS",
  "meta_data": {... developer-supplied JSON-serializable metadata ...},
  "event_type": "COMPLETE",
  "data": { // Only used by event_type = "POLICY_AVAILABLE"
    "policy_id": "<POLICY_ID>",
    "policy_type": "<POLICY_TYPE>"

There are 3 options for event type that you can receive notifications for:

  • POLICY_AVAILABLE: Called once for each policy when it has finished importing data.
  • POLICIES_AVAILABLE: Called once per pull, when policy data for all policies has been fully imported. (Does not include documents)
  • COMPLETE: Called once per pull, once all information has been imported, all documents downloaded, and the pull is fully complete.