driver_idstring(uuid)ID of the driver
first_namestringFirst name of driver
middle_namestringMiddle name of driver
last_namestringLast name of driver
drivers_licensestringDriver's license number
drivers_license_statestringState of Driver's license
date_of_birth_strstringDriver's date of birth
genderstringDriver's genderenum: MALE, FEMALE, NONBINARY
marital_statusstringDriver's marital statusenum: SINGLE, MARRIED, DIVORCED, WIDOWED
relationship_to_insuredstringRelationship to the insuredenum: INSURED, SPOUSE, BROTHER, SISTER, FATHER, MOTHER, DAUGHTER, SON
ageintegerDriver's age
age_on_datestringDate reference for driver's age
educationstringDriver's education
occupationstringDriver's occupation
age_licensedintegerAge at which driver was licensed
is_excludedbooleanWhether or not the Driver is excluded from the Policy or Vehicle