dwelling_idstring(uuid)ID of the dwelling
addressobjectAddress of the dwellingReferences Address
coveragesarrayList of dwelling coverage objectsReferences DwellingCoverage
mortgageesarrayList of mortgagee objectsReferences Mortgagee
mortgagee_namestring[DEPRECATED] Name of the mortgagee. Please use mortgagees instead.deprecated: true
mortgagee_addressobject[DEPRECATED] Address of the mortgagee. Please use mortgagees instead.References Address
mortgage_loan_numberstring[DEPRECATED] Loan number of the mortgage. Please use mortgagees instead.deprecated: true
replacement_cost_centsintegerReplacement cost in cents
cash_value_centsintegerCash value in cents
property_dataobjectDwelling property data. Your plan must include property data in order to access this API in production. For more information, contact your Canopy Connect representative.References PropertyData
loss_settlement_typestringThe loss settlement provision for the dwelling.enum: REPLACEMENT_COST, ACTUAL_CASH_VALUE