How to use Servicing

What is Servicing?

With Servicing, you can make writes to an insurance account using Canopy Connect. Servicing is a new type of Pull, similar to your ability to read data from an insurance account with Canopy Connect.

Servicing enables you to perform transactions like updating the mortgagee clause on a homeowners policy, adding or replacing a driver, vehicle, or lien holder on an auto policy, editing the contact information on an online insurance account, and more. Each one of these transactions is a type of ServicingAction, and you have the ability to supply multiple ServicingActions for a single Pull.

How to view the available ServicingAction types.

To view the list of available ServicingAction types, use the GET /carriers API and evaluate the servicingActions key for a given carrier.

Pricing varies per ServicingAction type. Contact your Canopy Connect representative to request pricing + API access so that you can start using Servicing.

How to create a Servicing pull.

Servicing requires you to collect credentials + consent from a consumer in the same way you would when reading data from an insurance account. Canopy Connect makes it easy to reuse that data if you’ve already collected it.

There are two ways to create a Servicing pull:

  1. Add servicing_actions when collecting credentials + consent the first time with the POST /consentAndConnect API.
  2. Supply a pull_id with servicing_actions to the POST /servicings API to reuse the existing credentials + consent from an existing pull.

How to confirm a ServicingAction.

Each ServicingAction that you supply is processed sequentially and requires confirmation before the transaction can be applied. You can use the POST /pull/:pullId/servicingAction API to confirm or reject the pending transaction.
If a ServicingAction encounters an error, the Pull will stop and no further processing will occur.

How to receive updates about a Servicing pull.

Canopy Connect will send you webhook requests about updates to a Servicing pull. See Using Webhooks for details on how to use these events.

You can listen for the SERVICING_WAITING_FOR_CONSUMER_CONFIRMATION event for notification when a ServicingAction requires confirmation.

The same AUTH_STATUS, ERROR, and COMPLETE event types apply to Servicing pulls.