This event occurs when an account session cannot be restored for monitoring and the account holder's input is required to complete authentication to get the updated account data. This can happen if the account credentials are no longer valid or if MFA is re-required.

Webhook Request Format

The webhook is a POST request with a JSON body that will look like the following:

  "widget_id": "<WIDGET_ID>",
  "team_id": "<TEAM_ID>",
  "pull_id": "<PULL_ID>",
  "status": "NOT_AUTHENTICATED",
  "meta_data": {... developer-supplied JSON-serializable metadata ...},
  "event_type": "MONITORING_RECONNECT",
  "account_identifier": "<ACCOUNT_IDENTIFIER>",
  "is_monitored": true,
  "monitoring": {
    "initial_pull_id": "<PULL_ID>", // The ID of the original Pull being monitored
    "monitoring_id": "<MONITORING_ID>" // The ID of the Monitoring
  "data": {
    "auth_status": "NOT_AUTHENTICATED",
    "reconnect_url": "<alias>/reconnect?reconnectToken=x-reconnect-token-x",
    "reconnect_token": "x-reconnect-token-x",