Email Client


By default, emails are sent from Canopy Connect servers, rather than from your email address. This allows us to add additional features and formatting. However, if you'd prefer, you can instead send emails from your own email client.

Drawbacks to using your own email client

When you use your own email client to send emails, we are not able to offer the following features:

  • No Reminder emails: You will not be able to send automatic or manual reminder emails to prospects
  • No HTML email formatting: Emails sent from your own email client will be in plain text, and will not use your custom colors or logos.
  • No log of sent emails: You will not be able to view a history of emails that you've sent within the Canopy Connect dashboard.
  • No tracking: Canopy Connect will not be able to track if an email has been opened or clicked by the prospect.

How to enable using your email client

To enable using your own email client with Canopy Connect, you'll need Admin permissions. Then navigate to the Messaging page on your dashboard, and select 'Email Options'.

Click the 'Send Emails from Your Email Address' option to enable using your own email client.

How to set up your email client

Your computer will attempt to open your default email client (which will vary based on device), so you may need to configure it to use the email client you want to use.

Unfortunately, we aren't able to give global set up instructions, as every company's system and email provider is different. Some agents have trouble making it work for their set up, in which case we recommend not using this option. Howevere, you can also use the "Preview" window that shows to copy-and-paste the content into your email.