Sending Links to Prospects

Share your link with several great options!

Use the Copy Button Next to your link

Use the copy button next to your blue link to easily copy and paste your link. Try sending it in emails, on social media, or anywhere you can click a link!

Send it via Text right from your dashboard!

Click on the "Send" button to send your link to prospects without leaving your dashboard.

Promote it using Facebook

Press the Facebook Share button to automatically populate a Facebook post with your link - you can edit this post before sending to give all the information your network needs.

Send it via Email with one click

Automatically bring up your email client with the link already added to a new email.

Share your QR Code with prospects on the go

Send the QR code to your phone so your prospects can easily scan it while they're there in the office with you. Download it to your computer then email it to yourself, so you can open it on your phone easily.