Authenticate Canopy Connect with Zapier

Connect your Canopy Connect account to Zapier

  • Click "Sign in to Canopy Connect (1.0.3)", it will ask you for 3 things (Team ID, Client Secret, and Client ID).
  • To get these you need to go to the Canopy Connect Dashboard, log in, at the top right you will see a circle with your first initial, click that, then click API Settings.
  • This will take you to our Settings page. You will need to request API access in order to use Zapier. Click the "Request Access" button at the bottom of the page and fill out the reason you need access (for your Zapier integration).
  • You'll receive an email once it's approved, and can continue on to the next step.
  • Return to the Settings page, and at the top of the page you will see the Team ID, you can copy and paste that over into the Zapier Team ID field.
  • Then, back on the Canopy Connect Dashboard you click "Add a Production API Key"
  • Once clicked, it will show a popup giving you the Client Secret and Client ID. Copy and paste both of those over into the corresponding Zapier fields. NOTE: You will only be able to see these 1 time for security purposes, so once you close the popup, you will have to create a new API Key to get another Secret and ID.
  • Now that all 3 fields are filled in you can click "Yes, Continue" and your account is connected.
  • Next Zapier will ask you to "Test trigger", click that and you should see all of the Canopy Connect Data in Zapier and you can hook it up to any other Zapier apps.

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